Some of our Favorites

Businesses who are in it for all the right reasons.


Best web designer, bar none. Have it done right the first time and Save Money with        this chicago-based designer/developer who has clients across the country.

Creek Bend Farm logo.JPG

Best riding instructor, horse whisperer and Dressage mentor. Ever. Believe it and see for yourself, right here in Franklin, Ky.  

Ruby Branch Farms logo.JPG

Best farmers in south Central Country.  I'll arm wrestle the poor fool who disagrees.  They grow delicious sweetcorn in the summer and Provide a riot of color in the Fall just when we crave it via mums, pumpkins and other fall delights. Laney writes the best Farm Blog out there. Look out, Pioneer  Woman. You're toast. Laney can do it all, and then some. 

Diegos logo.jpg

Diego maldonado ... if you don't know him, you must meet him. Not only is he a Master chef from la Argentina, he's also a master woodworker who can make anything your heart designs, Also here in Franklin. If you can dream it, he will make it an exquisite reality. Even if you don't need a thing now, peruse his gallery of photos to see the magic that Diego makes.


Best marketing expert, Laura Pils. Just take a look at some of her clients. Laura is Chicago-based but available to help clients everywhere.

W00ds 10.jpg

Best soap for yourself or as a gift for someone special, bar none! Gorgeous gift box collections such as “A Walk in the Woods” (above), “A Walk in Dublin”, “Happily Ever Lather”, and others. Once you treat yourself or a loved one to this rich, pure, hand-poured soap, you’ll never buy store soap again. Click below to see more.