Freeze Frame

I’ve lived on both coasts, in Chicago, and in central Illinois. Of all the places I’ve lived, the strangest weather is here in Kentucky. Like Baltimore, south Central Kentucky has brutally hot and humid summers. Spring is glorious, and so is fall. It feels like we live in California during those seasons. Winter is often rainy, gloomy, and once in a great while we get a freeze or even some snow. Unlike Chicagoland winters, ice and snow don’t last more than a day or two.

The other day we had a major freeze that started the night before. When I went out in the morning, everything was crunchy and gorgeous. By about two o’clock in the afternoon it was almost all melted. See slideshow below of lavender ‘Phemomenal’, a ‘Razzamatazz’ grape plane, and a climbing rose ‘Zephyrin Druin’ all encased in ice for just half a day or so.