Cool Spring Farm

An historic place


It all started (for us, anyway) when…

we left Chicago to find our little hobby farm. A big, old farmhouse and twenty-one beautiful acres beckoned. Previous owners had grown all kinds of crops, but, nowadays, we grow hay, cut flowers and a small vegetable garden.

The farm was originally part of the Lake Springs community in Logan County. When Simpson County was created in 1819 by combining parts of Logan, Warren and Allen Counties, the farm became the oldest standing home in Simpson County. Unfortunately, the earliest deeds on this property were destroyed in a courthouse fire, but the first known resident, Robert Martin, lived here in 1820.

According to a previous owner's written history,  in Martin's time the farm was "at its peak of prominence when used as a stagecoach inn and resort for travelers going from Louisville to Nashville over a route called "Buffalo Trail" (currently Highway 31-W South):

This resort became famous to weary travelers as a good watering place both to its guests and teams pulling the stagecoach. At that time the owners had a number of good horses, plus [their] own race track for training them as trotters to furnish steeds for stagecoaches if needed.

There were four springs producing at that time ... all within a half-acre. All were filled and discarded except the fresh water spring which has never been dry and only slightly lowered in severe droughts, when furnishing barrels of water to adjacent farms for all their livestock.

In Civil War days the soldiers encamped on grounds of the present day Lake Spring Church because of the nearby springs to water their steeds pulling their loud ... wagons with steel rimmed clanking wheels, loaded with canons and other military equipment of that era. This information was passed by my grandfather, Calloway Caudill to his daughter, Sallie Caudill Morgan, my mother, and she shared it with me.  ---Pearl Thurmond

One last active, bubbling spring with its little spring house is still here on the farm, and has inspired the new name of Cool Spring Farm.

Springhouse 2014.jpg

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